Message from Chief Apostle Dr.J.G. Rice

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Prayers From the Altar: "From the Heart of a Shepherd"

 Prayers from the altar, is where a shepherds heart bleeds for the people of God. They are Prayers of fire, power, deliverance, health, wealth, wisdom, family victory ,worship, praise, celebration, declarations, and much more. These prayers hold the light of God’s word to our lives and allow us to put the armor of God on and equip ourselves for the joyous life of God. Dr. J G Rice (I) am an anointed prayer warrior, believer of decreeing and a communicator with God in prayer.

 We have prayed all over the country, as well as in Revivals and Conferences led by myself, Chief Apostle Rice, and Arch Bishop James Rice, Gods prophetic Ambassadors.

 Our heart is open through tears, laying before the Lord, hours in the temple of God and abroad by ourselves, our church leaders and family, and with the 120 prayer warriors interglobally. It is the desire of my heart that others would be drawn to “Prayer” at all cost. 

Be it 12 Midnight, 3 am, 6 am, 12 noon, or whenever the Father “bids you to come” and for as often as he bids you to stay and abide in his presence. We must realize that Prayer is communication with God; we must enjoy waiting on Him. We must desire the Father to take us in like small children and to communicate with Him. I assure you that if you love to pray and communicate with God, the Spirit of the Most High God, will visit you, communing with you in the same greatness of joy, and you will get the answers of the “Learned” and the peace that passes all understanding. 

The first 4 chapters are teaching and Impartation. The next 5 chapters are teachings that will change your life, followed by 63 prayers that will bless your life and cause you to become “Gods Ambassador of Prayer.” 

Take a 90 day (3 month) journey with us in Prayer, and see the victory return to your life and your entire being be made strong in the Lord, and the Power of his Might. Best Effective Way to Use This Prayer Sword Here’s the plan… Start with the 1st Prayer on your Day One. Pray it for 3 days and continue on the journey. Prayer in sequence, one after the other At the end of the 90 day journey, start over! Pray and Decree each prayer over your life at least 4 times a year. This systematic type of prayer covering will put a blood seal over you, your family, and your loved ones. This puts the power of agreement in action. REMEMBER you don’t have to see me to pray for me! And most of all, know that you don’t have to see us to know that I am, we are, praying for you. I remain humbled to do so and show you the heart of a Shepherd. So let’s take it to the Lord in prayer, yes let’s take it to the Altar, and know I will be at the Altar with you. Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice Kingdom Ambassador, Master Prophet, Life Coach, Mentor, University Chancellor, Revivalist, Conference Leader, Author, Psalmist, and Wife, Mother and Friend. 




 Introduction 9

 Chapter 1                               1 - 3 

Chapter 2                                23 

Chapter 3                                37 

Chapter 4                               53

 Chapter 5                               67 

A Christians Belief                            77 

My Morning Declarations              78 

Who I Am In Christ                          80

 I Am A Child of God                        81 

Affirming the Grace of God to Me          83 

Affirming the Promises of God                84 

Prayer for the Church and its Vision      85

My Declaration of Victory and Faith for Daily Living 87

 89 Affirmations for My Spiritual Leaders Decree for Growth in Christian Vision

 91 94 Decree Of God’s Love for Me 

96 Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice iv Decree of Establishment

 98 Affirmations of Great Success 

100 Section 2: Prayers of Breakthrough and Warfare

 103 Breaking the Spirit of Deceptions 

107 Breakthrough Prayer: To Cast Out the Spirit of Deception

 109 Daily Prayer to Open the Gateways of Receiving Blessings

 111 Breakthrough Prayer for Power of Promotion and Expectation

 112 Breakthrough Prayer: The Heavens Will Arise in My Favor

 115 Breakthrough Prayer over Difficult Things

 117 I Am a Mountain Of Praise: I Confess and Decree These Scriptures

 119 Breakthrough Prayer for Promotion 

121 Breakthrough Prayer of Greatness for My Year 

122 Breakthrough Prayer to Attract Wealth 

123 Breakthrough Prayer to Destroy City/Area Blockades

 125 Breakthrough Prayer for My Entire Family 126 Breakthrough Prayer for Great Health

 129 Breakthrough Prayer to Release and Invoke My Heavenly Impact Team

 131 Breakthrough Prayer to Unleash Gods Power for Me 133


 Section 3:

 Prayers of Intercession


 Prayer to Business, Great Personal Motivational  143

Success and Family Greatness

The Prayer of Psalm 91

 145 The Healing Decree 

148 Prayer to Invoke My Angelic Benefits: Deliverance 

152 Prayer to Invoke My Angelic Benefits: Promotion 

154 Prayer to Invoke My Angelic Benefits: Protection

 156 Prayers to Invoke My Angelic Benefits: Waging War against the Enemy 

158 Prayers to Invoke My Angelic Benefits: Dislodge Evil 

160 Prayers to Invoke My Angelic Benefits: Dismantle Evil Agendas 

161 Prayers to Invoke My Angelic Benefits: Dismantling by Fire 

163 I Release the Spirit of Rest and Peace on My Journey 

165 The Resurrection Power Prayer

 169 The Prayer of Public Success 

172 Confessions for My Bloodline as an Intercessor

 174 Prayer of Spiritual Renewal and Restoration

 177 Section 4:

 Special Forces Prayers of Deliverance, Power and Victory Alerting My Morning and Taking Captive My Day

 185 Back To God Prayer

 193 Spiritual Warfare Prayer

 199 Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice vi Prayer for My Leaders and the World

 201 I Am Chief Apostle, and this is a time of Prayer

 203 I Decree I Have Favor 

209 We Decree We Will Come Back To God Prayer

 211 Prayer of Thanksgiving 

217 Set Us Free and Give Us the Bondage Releasing Anointing

 218 Prayer of Evangelism 

220 Oh God, Save Them Prayer 

222 Prayer for Those In Need of Salvation

 225 Rebuking the Curse off Our Families Finances

 230 Prayer of Repentance

 233 Breaking the Back of the Enemy

 238 Prayer for the Author


Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice viii


There is a time in our life, when we must become spiritually mature; and there are times when we are still unaware of Satan’s devices, (please know that this small “s” is by choice) where we should be ahead of his terrible plans of destruction and not believe his folly. This will only happen by our maturity in our prayer life, and constant prayer reinforcement of positive strategic prayers of all types and degrees for all seasons in our lives. We need help in the realms of Prayer that will take us past the surface and into the Heavens of God. We can no longer be reactive, we must become proactive in prayer! Prayer must become a daily benefit to defeat the enemy afar.